SW Battlefront II (Classic) Multiplayer Restored

Idk have you been able to get in to a server? Also no mods

It has bots, but they aren’t very smart. Ok to practice and learn the game with though.

I was able to play two games in multiplayer before it crashed… 32 vs 32 is insane lol

I’ll be home soon

It’s not too bad to host a server, just a few ports to forward, i.e. in here:

A separate server isn’t needed, as in someone can just host and connect by ip works ok.

I’m the wrong guy to ask Andrew … I know nothing about Star Wars and to be quite frank, I do not get the urge to take my shirt off while watching the multiplayer gameplay vids. :grin:

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I’m around now. If anyone else is here, I’m on ts. I can purchase and dl quickly I’m sure.

Lemme know. Just making a drink!

Fought with sound and graphical issues last night, and I’ll still need to get my controls set up.

Is anybody having issues with sound getting out of sync and the cutscenes skipping?