SW Battlefront II (Classic) Multiplayer Restored


$3.99 on GOG

$9.99 on Steam

I played the crap out of this when it came out, kinda excited that multiplayer support is back.


@Linebacker @Rhinosaurus @Prof @saghen @adlabs6

Maybe an idea for Saturdays? 5.5 Gb

lol that looks terrible

edit: referring to graphics.

I could probably be enticed if we were all going to play.

What worked so well was that you could be a pilot and fly other people on to the enemy capital ship in your squad, jump out and then fight to the control room you needed to take. It worked really well, in that BF2 type of way (with of course a star wars make-over).


I’m in. GoG version, or Steam?

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Damn 6-hours-time-zone difference. :angry:

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This is what weekends are for.

Ooh, I missed the part about cross - platform compatibility. So, Steam can play with GoG, and vice versa. Awesome!


Also, be aware if you’ve already previously picked up the Star Wars bundles from GoG or Steam, it’s possible you already own it. Just found that out when I tried to buy it again.

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I reinstalled last night. Didn’t try MP, just reaquainted myself with how it plays after playing the 2015 SWBF (which I bought a couple of weeks ago for $5 on super sale on Origin).
It definitely has some clunky controls in spots, but the variety of maps and the space combat more than made up for it.

Dang guys, you’re killing me… I had it on the X-Box…

I know it’s few bucks- it’s not the money… it’s the time…

I can’t buy it to play it once…

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Yep same thing happened to me. I have it a try last night but the multiplayer servers were over loaded. The game has aged well, I’ll post a few screens for @Rhinosaurus if I can tonight, it honestly looks better then it did on the Xbox.

I’m going to try and get in tonight for a bit too.

If enough of us are going to commit to playing it I’ll pick it up.

Got it already, love the game! (EU time zone)

Haven’t been able to fix the weird purples (caused by AMD drivers) yet, but that’s only in a few levels and doesn’t really ruin the fun. It’s amazing how fast you get used to psychedelic Dagobah

I seem to remember that from Mysteries of the Sith…

Still seems that I can’t get in to multiplayer… maybe I’ll try later but heres a few screens to torture @komemiute

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That looks a LOT better than I expected it to. No mods?

Installed. What servers are people playing on tonight?

Is the multiplayer solely PvP or Coop vs bots too?