Sweet - next gen J-3 Cub - XCub

Looks really cool. I’m sure the purists will hate it…but it’s damn good looking. And at only a shade short of $300,000 - nearly everyone can own one! :rolling_eyes:

I think it’d look better with tundra tires though… :thinking:

XCub - Introduction - YouTube

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Cool, you can take me up for a ride. Oh, wait… :slight_smile:

Do you watch flight chops or is that a coincidence? :slight_smile:

Wow! Is it just me or have they totally changed their target market?

I like it…

anyway, jus be thankful that GA is still relatively accessible in your country. its going the way of the dodo here in the UK

Yeah…a $300,000 entry level type airplane isn’t going to go anywhere with the weekend GA crowd. I’m guessing that we are still going to be leafing through Trade-A-Plane looking for that ragged out plane that sells for more the price of a new car. Can’t really imagine the target audience for a 300K Cub other than someone who is really rich AND an enthusiast of that era.

I caught that video on Reddit/r/flying I think…

Someone on reddit got a chance to fly this thing!

Yeah…that’s a sweet bird. I had to a chance to put my eyes on one in Wilmington NC a few months ago…it is just gorgeous. Then I walked in to the FBO and looked up the price and about fainted…

Actually - I misspoke - I think the one I saw was a Carbon Cub…not an X-Cub…