SweetFX: Who uses it?

SweetFX is a “collection of post-processing shader effects for your games.”

Also, I’ve never used it, only seen videos of it, specifically for DCS World and Falcon 4 BMS. It seems like, depending on your settings, you can make things look far more vibrant and life-like, or really turn it up to get the “Michael Bay” effect.

Who here uses it?

Do you notice a performance hit?

How has your experience been?

I use it with IL-2 1946. Makes it look better. The different lighting effects are fun to play with. I think it’s good for games that don’t have native post processing.

No performance hit, but then il-2 46 runs at infinity frames at this point.

I used it to good effect with Strike Fighters 2…I liked it… Mostly I used it to add some slight vignette to the raw videos…but in retrospect, it is actually far easier (at least in Premiere) to add the effect in editing…

Here are some pics of another guy using it in SF2: