Nobody hurt badly only a broken wrist and multiple layers of new underpants required.

Harrowing for the poor guy but he takes it in good sprits

While the pilot made a critical error in pre-flight

Understatement of the year.


Rule 1 for passenger flight. Attach passenger.

One problem for both was that the lift that day was TOO good! Good for him for keeping it in good humor. A lesser man would have uped the drama for social media consumption.

Even his final statement is understated.

I will go hang gliding again as I did not get to enjoy my first flight.

I know me, that type of mishap would have ended my hang gliding career.



Hang gliding, sky diving, base jumping, bungle jumping, Viggen flying…all things that have too much of a chance of not ending well for me. :open_mouth:


remove ’ hang ’ keep ’ gliding ’ and you have nice and safe way of traveling through air :slight_smile:

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I did some hang-gliding in FL. It was fun. If I was to take up this sort of thing today, I would go for paragliding only because you can travel with it slung over your shoulder.

I did paragliding for a bit. Lots of walking up hill carrying stuff. At least while learning it. Exhausting. :slight_smile:

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Whenever I do fly, I sort of have to have an aircraft all around me…it’s a religious thing…just say’n :sunglasses:

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In skydiving we do buddy gear checks prior getting on the jump ship. Then do a second one when lining up at the door. This rule is pretty much wrtten in blood by folks who do things like put the shoulder straps on, but not the leg straps before they take a leap. I would be very surprised if hang gliding didn’t have a similar rule, perhaps not followed in this case.