SyFy Channel Cancels The Expanse


Doh! Likely someone like Crave TV or something has the rights in Canada still.


Well for myself, I purchased the series each season on Apple TV and have those old seasons in my personal iCloud space attached to my Apple TV account. I wonder how Amazon’s take over of the distribution rights will affect my ability to purchase through Apple TV?

I don’t want to have to get a subscription to Amazon Prime.


it is available now. If you search for it, look through the list. For some odd reason, their search does not return it as the #1 item. For me it was buried on page 2 of the search results.




Omg. Stupid prime video. It defaults to newest season so I ended up watching 3 episodes from season 3 before I noticed. I was wondering why things seemed so well established. Wellllll then