SyFy Channel Cancels The Expanse


Damn it! I actually like this series. I hope someone else picks it up.


Wow! Damn! That is the best sci-fi drama show on TV. Syfy burns me again.


It’s almost like enough people didn’t watch it cause they knew SyFy was going to cancel it early regardless. Was a good show though.


This makes me very, very angry.

When did SyFy become Fox?


Shitty move. Expanse was one of the few sci fi shows i could watch with the wife.


Starting with either Stargate Atlantis or Universe, among quite a few other shows


Fingers crossed…


With both hands. Was interesting to read that Netflix has the international rights to the show.


Hopefully this is for real:


I really hope it works out.


I’ve been seeing articles regarding this possible save as well. Keeping my fingers crossed and waiting to see something more official.


oh, Amazon would be good, seems they’ve been getting more and more content that I enjoy as compare to Netflix. Hope someone picks it up so I have a good reason to catch up, they didn’t cancel it on a cliffhanger did they?


Looks like Amazon picked up "The Expanse."


Excellent news


Yay! Happy that this show will continue into it’s 4th season. I really appreciate the good writing in the show.


Seasons 1 & 2 on Prime and S3 for paid streaming out front of S4 premier.

Edit: All 3 seasons free with Prime account.


I have to wonder if we had the likes of Netflix , Hulu or Amazon Prime back in 2002, how many seasons of Firefly we would have had to enjoy.


Very much so @PaulRix. But happy that amazon picked it up. Just waiting for UK amazon to start streaming series 3


Yay… Gonna watch that now.


Well I would if it was available in Canada :angry: