System Shock Remaster Screenshots (2023) [Spoilers!]

I thought not to disrupt the System shock thread and instead put the screenshot here.
I know it’s an old game- and there’s no real new things left to be surprised of- but still SPOILER WARNING is in effect

From the intro:
In the original release it was almost a stop motion animation- now it’s a fully real-time rendered astonishing feat of cutscene in Unreal Engine

Healing Suite:
I’m never not going to be in love with this view


I shouldn’t whine. Because it does look gorgeous. And I’m aware that this is an older game that was an early adopter of this “look”. But I’m growing weary of the Batman-TV-show saturated technicolor found in all sci-fi sims and futuristic shooters.


Well, that comes from the source material.
Anything less would have destroyed it.

That doesn’t invalidate your feelings, at all though.