T-45s September 2015 Carrier Quals

Damn…that looks like fun…in a stressful kind of way no doubt…

Hah. That was after the weather cleared up. The first portion was more like this:

Stupid question…but do the Marines fly the T-45 as well or do they fly Navy T-45s for carrier quals? I can’t honestly say I ever noticed…

PS - VEAO…you know you wanna do a T-45… Jedi wave


Navy/Marine students train together in the training commands until they wing and can have instructors from either branch. Once they start flying their fleet platform at the RAG/FRS, that’s where the split occurs between Navy/Marine units. If you actually look at both sides of a 45, it has NAVY on one side and MARINES on the other.

So to directly answer your question yes, the marines fly the T-45 as well and they do the exact same training syllabus, and in the same squadrons, as the navy guys.


What is it with marine aviators and mustachios? :grinning:

So what happens to the pilots who do not make the CQs? Do they still fly but in another capacity?

No…they are sent belowdecks and forced to participate in stuff like this:


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Most choose to jump off the fantail instead…


Guys that don’t qualify in the T-45 are given a second chance to qual at a later boat. If they fail a second time, they could put in for transferring to a different community like helicopters, transfer to a non-flying job, or be separated from the navy altogether.

Here’s a photo added by the public navy.mil site:


That’s beautiful. I’d be framing that and putting it on my ego wall…