T flight Pedal to USB

I currently have a set of T flight pedals that use the RJ12 connection to link to my my T16000 throttle.

I want to get rid of the throttle entirely and keep it for a spare but I need it for the pedals to work

Could I use any RJ12 to USB connector

Such as this or would it need to be a proprietary TM one?

I have been very generously gifted @Scoop’s old X56 with extension that I have in pieces repairing connectors on currently and my beautiful Virpil throttle but will need to keep my pedals for the time being (I don’t mind them to be honest except for the narrowness of them) so this would seem to be the best solution but I’m not sure if the connector would work like that

I don’t have that gear, but does the pedals work, standalone or is the throttle required?

It’s required the pedals plug into the throttle via the phone cable looking connector. Which was why I wondered if I could use a USB converter and do away with the throttle. The only thing that concerns me is the pedals (on Dcs) register as an axis on the throttle itself. So maybe its more complicated to lose the throttle

You would need the Thrustmaster one or doing some DIY work.

It is called T.RJ12 USB Adapter


It is possible to find but I would recommend to shop around.

For DIY I found this page

Good luck.


Yeah, sounds as if the pedals need the throttle…

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Hi…I’m having precisely the same bad conduct with the toe slows down on CH Pro Pedals … i.e., despite the fact that squeezing the pedals moves the bar appropriately in the principle regulator task screen, the Sensitivity screen and the actual game think the “0” position is at half despondency of the pedals, not toward one side of the movement. What’s more, the toe brakes work totally in different games, so I don’t really accept that it to be an adjustment issue.

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