TacPack add-on for MilViz F-4E

Queue CCR Susie Q. This is cool. Hopefully there is an J/S version due.


Tooled around with it last night. If you’ve got P3D make absolutely sure you’ve got the latest patch otherwise it will CTD immediately upon loading.

Once you’ve got that fixed however… she’s a beaut. Cockpit is gorgeous, systems are pure porn, and I am now thoroughly disappointed that there is nothing in DCS that allows me to drop 30 Mk-82s on someone’s noggin in one go (Razbam, SLUF/Truder when?).

I’m hoping to try out the multi-crew and fire control systems tonight.

Only real complaint besides Milviz’s bizarre support policy is that I can’t put it on a carrier :yum:

Agreed @near_blind , hence my statement wanting a J/S version. Maybe they are waiting to see what the adaption rate is before throwing more development time at the project. The discount was nice.

Not that I can land a Phantom on the boat yet. I tried three times last night and was served up a plate of flaming humble pie. The first was a massive fireball, then sent to TacPack heaven LOL! New respect for those Naval aviators getting that thing aboard. Man, does that biotch get mushy on final. Makes the Hornet seem like cheating. Wonder what a good approach speed is?

Working on Warthog profiles for the Phantom, Superbug, and F-35C and then want to try carrier quals in VR.

Beware the vLSO. I thought I was okay in the groove a year ago. I was rapidly disabused of that notion.

But wait, there is more…

MilViz Advanced Series: F-4E Phantom II

The virtual Rhino gets even better with the Advanced Series: F-4E Phantom II add-on. Picked this up yesterday, mostly for the flight model, failures being the devil’s handicraft. I’ve always felt that the P3D FM felt - for lack of a better word - mushy. Now it’s as if your bachelor buddy just tossed you the keys to his Ducati Hypermotard. Fangs extended to your navel, your inner hooligan springs forth. Oh the sounds, the power, the glory of twin J79s. This thing is just fracking awesome to fly. Well done MilViz.

I’m torn on this.

On one hand: Phabulous Phantoms Phorever

On the other hand: It looks like 2017 is shaping up to be the Naval DCSpolcalypse, do I really want to spend money on a simulator I’m going to be abandoning soon?

Whichever choice you make, the other option was the right one. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I hear you and keep trying to put P3D to bed as well. But I’ve pretty much given up on DCS, internal or 3rd party, developers releasing a Phantom ,and for all of their goodness, it seemingly takes years from announcement to release. In the meantime, MilViz keeps improving their Phantom to the point that it has become absolutely irresistible, even if I would keep P3D around solely as a Phantom simulator, not to mention the VRS Superbug.

So, while I am looking very much forward to the DCS AV8B, Hornet, and Tomcat, I’ll be lighting the cans on my MilViz Phantom’s J79s with regularity. :fire: :fire:


The latest update last week fixed the CTD issues it was having. Now to learn to use the radar and move forward. It’s a solid performer and enjoyable jet to fly. And not just because its a Phantom.

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Seen in the MilViz Works in Progress forum.

F-15C cockpit
Postby Krazycolin » Mon Feb 20, 2017 1:24 pm
We need pics from a F-15C cockpit. In particular, the JTIDS/FDL panel and its location. Help!!!


Re: TacPack F-16 Viper?
Postby Krazycolin » Fri Feb 10, 2017 2:57 pm

the viper external is in paint right now.

The VC… we’re trying something new out on that…

No coding is being done yet.

No dates.
Creative Director and chooser of planes.

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If the VRS F/A-18F is released… P3D just got even more interesting.

No kidding. I wonder how the GeoPack Iraq/Kuwait scenery is? Set the Nimitz out there in the Persian Gulf and fly Baghdad sorties.

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