Tactical Air Launched Decoy (TALD)?

Anyone used the TALD yet? A gliding decoy, dropped like a bomb but attracts SAMs like honey to a bee - sounds fun…



Yes. I messed around with them near a Sam site. Work pretty well. Sams will engage them. Not sure if they show up on player air to air radar though.

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Me and @Franze have in Erl Sis on Hollo Pointe.

The SA-15s will gladly fire off their entire allotment of missiles to shoot them down, half the missiles missing.

They are visible on radar, but it seems the AI jets will ignore them or cannot see them. Altitude is you friend as far as launch conditions - they do increase descent rate as they slow down.


Cool. Will give it a go tonight. The wiki info is pretty decent.

A fun mission profile might be tossing a few of these over a known site and then letting the Hornet’s have some HARM fun as well.

We’ve come up with a pretty workable strategy in having a F-14 send some TALDs out to stir up the radars, then follow up with HARMs. They’ll go pretty far without much effort, keeping in mind the limitations of the target system (SA-15s for example won’t see/shoot them until the decoys are about ~15,000ft and right over their noses).


@fearlessfrog join us for a run tonight if the timing plays out - either Erl Sis or Franze’s Offensive Posture could work to make the TALD an interesting change of pace.


There’s another beauty of the TALD: systems like the SA-13 that normally use IR missiles but have a search radar to find their targets can potentially click them on and allow for a HARM shot. Once the Bug gets it, we should also be able to set flight paths for them and whatnot.

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