Tactical Wristwear

I’m not just talking about watches here but doing away with Daylight Savings Time this morning got me thinking about my crappy watch and how it looks good during the day but I can’t see it at night LOL!

I’m thinking about getting me one of them analog Tritium watches again! I don’t like digital watches. Thoughts?

What do you want to get out of the watch?

I have the Garmin Fenix 3hr. Great in daylight and night time. But I use it (well I used to use it before the mountain incident) to track riding, walking, heart rate Etc.

Great little thing.

If you want to get all Tacticool, garmin do a watch range with wind calculations (you never know when you need to snipe whilst on the run) and also has special bevelled glass not to reflect your position away (when sneaking up on the guy in front) also in case you like running at pitch black night time, its also night vision compatible.

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I want a super cool looking analog watch that I can clearly read at night without pushing a button.


Is good at ночь? :grinning:

I recently went back to an conventional watch after about a year with an Apple Watch. I loved the Apple Watch but it was pretty useless if you forgot to charge it every night.

I wanted something that had a classic pilot watch style with a clear face, easily readable at night and preferably with a second time zone for UTC/Zulu.

I ended up going with a Junkers Tante JU series watch.

I like it a lot. It isn’t too big, but it has a nice weight to it. The hands glow nicely in the dark too. Most importantly, it doesn’t need to be changed every night ;).


Here’s one I’m contemplating…
It’s a new swedish army watch, developed by engineers at the royal institute of technology in cooperation with swedish soldiers and recently field tested in Mali.

”Fältur 90”
(Field watch 90)

All the info is in swedish, unfortunately.
But the basics:
10atm (90m 300ft)
Saphire glass.

The strap is in nylon and comes in the older m/59 green or the m/90 splinter camo.

Price is SEK 2772kr ($327)



This is what I have, although mine is an earlier model. It uses a radioactive element for the glow in the dark feature and you can see it clearly in pitch dark :smiley:

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I know, small wrist :wink:

I own Tissot chronographs PRC2something but I feel like I am getting too old for this type of watches :slight_smile:
They are for few years in the shelf already. I need something with more clear look to it.

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So while looking into @Cib’s Traser watch and Trigalight, I found out about Luminox …

… if they’re good enough for the U.S. Navy SEALs and F-117 Nighthawk pilots, they’re good enough for me LOL!

I’m thinking either the original 3000 series …

Or the 8830 series … I’d love that working detachable compass …

Interesting vid on the 8830 …


Luminox looks good. Especialy 1929 model.
Nothing tactical, I know…

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Very nice watch but I get an odd satisfaction out of seeing a little glowing tritium tube on the second hand as well. :slight_smile: