Tahiti Air Hauling

Just wrote up a quick report on my noo company in paradise…



Getting frustrated because Air Hauler is not monitoring FSX SE with FlyInside. Just did the second flight and again, no monitoring.

It used to work fine, so I don’t know why it isn’t now. Checked simconnects and running as admin etc - the usuals, but all okay there. Looks like I may have to use AH2, which I’m not a big fan of. Don’t think I can run FSX and P3D companies from the same AH install, either. Well, you couldn’t run FS9 and FSX from AH1, so unless he’s changed something for AH2 it would be the same.

What you might try doing is copying your AH2 folder and having separate installs. This works with AH, but haven’t tried it with AH2.

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Thanks, but it’s okay, I have got around it by using AH2. You can use it with different sims at the same time, unlike AH1.

I just restarted the two AH1 companies in AH2. Just did the type rating in the Tutor this evening and all went well. I’m not so keen on AH2 and there are still a lot of issues that need sorting, but it will do.

Type rating in the dark! Ooo-er!