Take On Mars - Europa

Interesting update to Take On Mars, despite it now making the name of the game sort of broken:

I actually own this, but sort of bugged out because the base building was so clunky. I’ll give it another look as (credit to them) Bohemia seems to be still updating it.


I’d give a million dollars (well, actually only $40 or less) if they would re-make Take On Helicopters and put out a new “campaign” for it. Man I loved that game…

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Sadly, I think the time has passed for Bohemia to consider a “hardcore” simulation like that again. TOH badly burned them as I understand it.

I had been hoping that TOH would be like SimCopter II when they announced it, but it was not to be. So close, yet so far; my major disappointment was never being able to bring an Apache into the game when it was popular. I know of several people who approached Bohemia with offers to do addon helicopters and missions a la FSX, Xplane, etc. for TOH, but Bohemia turned them all down since ArmA3 was their focal point.

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