Takeoffs - short & soft field

Nice article with some good pointers, rules of thumb, and general guidance…


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I love their “short final” stories:

From Short Final: Aviation Humor

On a training flight between Terre Haute, Indiana and Indianapolis, Indiana, I heard the following exchange between Hulman (Terre Haute) Approach and a Cessna 172 requesting flight following:

“Are you enjoying your Saturday?”

Hulman Approach:
“Negative. I’m at work.”

From Short Final: Aviation Humor

Phoenix approach asked a GA aircraft:
“N1234, how far are you from your present position?”

They were greeted with silence.

Some annoying idiot was playing the Chewbacca roar over the guard frequency a couple weeks ago. Ever since about a couple years after 9/11, the emergency frequency has become a real circus… Some days it’s funny…some days it’s just annoying…