Tank Crew: The Cocky Tiger Tanker clip

So I was coming to the end of my Tank Crew broadcast last night with my Tiger Tank tasked to clear a town, I thought I was invincible so I got cocky. Unfortunately my new mic don’t seem to work well because my commentary makes this video but hard to hear. I was taunting the little guys, giving them first shot and laughing as rounds bounced off. Well that last T34 got his justice.

Cocky Tiger Tanker - YouTube


:slight_smile: ROFL, your response (to the Tiger’s sudden demise) gave me a good chuckle.

Nice little video. :+1:


Subscribed! That was excellent :clap:

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Tank Crew is on sale. Might have to grab it and figure out a decent control setup.
Funny vid. That last T-34 looked like a toy, but I know it was at distance.

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