Tank Crew with a TrackIR

Ya, I know I’m about 10 years late to the party, always thought this thing was a gimmick, only for the diehard flight simmer, lol. Bought a TrackIR mainly for MSFS and DCS, mainly the upcoming Apache module… but I knew IL2 series would work too, so tried it with Tank Crew… and it was awesome. Being a TC (tank commander) with it was cool. A 2 min video of me testing/checking it out…

Tank Crew TrackIR Test - YouTube


Yeah, 10 years is about what I’d say!
I find it hard to fly without it. I tried it in Arma, tried it in racing sims, couldn’t get used to it. But ANY sim I fly, from SF2 to RoF to Il-2 to DCS and going back to the older ones as well, it’s a MUST for me.


you should try it in VR … sitting in the top of a tiger looking around is awsome :smiley:


Looked like a blast @Magnum50.


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