It’s like the Ka-50 “funnel” maneuver…but with tanks… “On the waaaaay…!!”


Now you have to show the Ka-50 funnel manouver :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Okay, they need to do this again, but with the beer stein stability testing apparatus from this video.

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The Military Industrial Complex…always stealing ideas from the civilian world…(or was it the other way around?)…

There is a video somewhere of T-80s drifting (and one falling over, it is pretty hilarious)…

Ah, here it is: - YouTube


@Aginor that video is hilarious.

EDIT: Ok, I see this has already been posted, but still the article gives some background.

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I thought tank turrets were held on by gravity…so I was sorta expecting the turret of that T-72 to fall off. Perhaps I’m just dumb though…and will believe anything I read…

I know there were tanks for which that statement was actually true, but I am pretty sure that there are also tanks for which the statement is false.

I am no expert for tanks though, so that’s pretty much the point at which my knowledge ends.

EDIT: LOLfact: I don’t understand a single word the guys in the video are saying, but I can imagine they are probably shouting in disbelief or cursing.