Tanker made me do it....

@Tankerwade Finally talked me into it.


My work here is complete.

Looking to get some multi in next Thursday night.


Let me know, I fired it up last night, seemed like the populated servers didn’t have slots for the aircraft I got. I tried getting in a gunner slot, but couldn’t figure out how to operate the guns. This may have been because I don’t own the bombers. Either way it’s looks pretty cool.

I tried the spitfire and the jug in offline instant action missions. Shot down a nazi, crashed into the snow. Flight model feels pretty good. I’m curious for the mustang to be released so I can do a comparison between the DCS P51 and IL2 version. Not to stir up anything, but only because I generally regard the DCS flight modeling as the most realistic “feeling”. Flight feels more natural in DCS than FS or XP11 to me. I don’t own the Dora or Spit in DCS to compare them.

I folded last week and bought both BoB and Flying Circus. I haven’t spent much time with either yet but the BoX series seems to be going from strength to strength.

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I really like where Jason is going with this!

btw, the Jug is a beast

Just curious - What map does it give you to fly on if you only own Bodenplatte?

Have an early Christmas party to attend, but will look for you guys on TS later.

I’m not sure to be honest, it was a snow covered map. I’ll check again tonight if it’s labeled anywhere.

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Finally, Canada. :wink:





Top right corner before mission start

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Velkie Lukie Winter

Also has drop down for novosolkinoki and three different seasons of Lapino.

I’m assuming the bodenplatte map is not released yet?

Bingo. It will be a map of Belgium when it is released.

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Ok that makes sense. They gave you the smaller maps but not any of the larger maps that came with the bundles. You can still fly any of the maps that are running on a multiplayer server, including the ones you don’t own.

You will always be limited to fly the plane set you own, but any mission I create will have planes from the Bodenplatte set so no worries there either.


Awesome. I’m ready.