Tanks for that - Steel Beasts

A few of us here have it. But I feel we haven’t forayed into the funbox of this little game.

My plan,

I want to contact some of my steel beast buddies and see if they have a premade (or could make a mission) in a not too difficult setting for a foray into tanking. ( unfortunately I have not spent much time in the SB mission editor)

The mission(s)
Ideally it is to have an element of scouting, manoeuvring, then possibly a final assualt point against a not too difficult enemy with us initially starting with either a single vehicle each or a couple of vehicles each depending on peoples level of ability. Perhaps, there will be a pool of vehicles for us to take if you splat or kill your vehicle early.

Mission is designed to be run with a good look at the briefing page to plan tactics and show those not converse with it the power of the map pre briefing. Then to run at a steady pace to allow for thinking/coordination time for new guys not to feel overwhelmed. Basically take it slow, there is an Aussie with beers in the group.
(happy to take help in any way shape or form from anyone that can provide missions or contacts).

So to try and gauge interest and some parameters for me to possibly follow up on… I need to know the following.

  1. Name of interested party
  2. Your preferred vehicles
  3. How many vehicles you are happy running at a time.
  4. Best time for you in UTC (because I am too lazy to convert).

Thoughts on a postcard.

  1. BeachAV8R (hey…that’s me!)
  2. Oh wow…I have no idea. I’ve always thought the Bradley was kind of cool though.
  3. One
  4. Totally unpredictable since my schedule bounces between night shifts and day shifts. Generally though I’m not able to play much from 5PM to 11PM due to family stuff (after 11PM tends to be best when I’m on night shift…so after 0400UTC…not super convenient for you Europeans…lol…)

Sorry for the apparent Hijack.

I don’t see any direct reference to any videogame—
Is this about Tanki Online or Steel Beasts? :confused:

WHen I searched online for Tanks for that… this came out.


Steel beasts Title corrected

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  1. Toppo, naturally.
  2. Fond of Eurotrash (Leopards and Challenger) but can also work with Infantry
  3. One
  4. Unpredictable. But after 2300hrs Friday/Sat is normally possible.
  1. Grand Vizier Field Marshall Dr. near_blind III, VC, DSO, MC, CBE.
  2. M1A1 (or really any abrms). Pattons also acceptable, Eurotrash armor begrudgingly tolerated.
  3. One
  4. 1800 - 0600 on weekends.
  1. Klarsnow
  2. M1A1 or other such Abrams variant/Bradley
  3. one
  4. 1900-2200 ish weekdays, whenever weekends.
  1. Tankerwade
  2. Don’t care what the armor plate and treads are attached to, or by whom
  3. One
  4. Weekends

Back when I was actively playing, the 78 Easting scenario (cant remember if it was included or custom, probably custom) was good for training and not too difficult for a newb to run a platoon. There is also some good scout platoon action in the opening. Enough shooting for everyone and if you play it as close to the actual engagement as possible, a chance to get popped if you are not methodical and don’t have good SA. Forget about anything remotely similar to Fulda Gap, which can be a meat grinder.

  1. RedBravo65
  2. Russian and American equipment. I run them all.
  3. I usually run a company plus in the missions I create.
  4. Pretty flexible so I’ll leave it open here. Only need a few days heads-up to rearrange my schedule if needed.
  1. Tankhunter
  2. Not the M-60, can use any other vehicles, ideally BMP-2 or T-72.
  3. A plt or two plts.
  4. 17:00 - 24:00 UTC on the weekends. In the long term Saturday may not be an option.
  1. Tyco
  2. Everything
  3. Platoon
  4. Weeknights and sundays


  1. Duke
  2. can handle everything
  3. I´m good in mikromanagement
  4. depends (shift worker and live in germany),

If I have a date for the game, I can check the availability of our server to host more than 8.



Ok Steel beasts has been updated to V 4.010

So get your smelly butts updated. If any are interested I will be willing to throw up some quick missions to test player connectivity.

I have downloaded some easy (tutorial) missions and have some old missions from the old VU days. Going to need to play test some of these to see if anything is broken with the upgrades.
Anywho, give me a shout if even remotely interested as it would be good to test any problems with connecting to a server (as this would be the first thing we need to sort out).

Tanks for reading. And Tanks to the guys in the SB community for helping !!

Hi guys,

I think one of the best options to bring/ to show people how a steelbeasts mulitplayer session works, is to participate the weekly kanium.eu game on sunday.

They play company size COOP missions inclusivly artillery, tanks and infantry.

meeting point is there teamspeak server: Teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077

meeting time is sunday 18:30 UTC

game start is: 19:00 UTC

I can recommend this session, very kind / crazy people and a very professional game play.



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Ayyy I would like to give that a go when my schedule matches.

Anywho, Mudspike practice mission 1 is a GO! (separate thread) Please update to V 4.010

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