TARGET won't start

Very frustrating problem I’ve just encountered on my Win10 64 machine trying to program my Warthog …

I click on the Target icon (even with “run as administrator”) but it won’t start up! (it used to work fine) …

I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling both the drivers and the T.A.R.G.E.T. software and reflashing the firmware but no luck.

Have any of you seen this? I’m having no luck with a search for “TARGETGUI has stopped working” on Google.

Update … it doesn’t like MSI Afterburner AND/OR the current RivaTunerStatisticsServer. I’ll narrow it down later.

That sux. I had some CH issues after the Windows update yesterday but it seemed to resolve itself after some restarts.

lol windows 10. Ruining people’s computers since inception.

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Don’t start raggin’ on Windows 10 Rhino! :grin: It’s a good OS and the situation is under control.

I don’t even think I was using MSI Afterburner/RivaTunerStatisticsServer at this point anyway!


If anyone can get my Saitek Pro Flight Yoke working with Windows 10.64, it would be much appreciated.:slight_smile:

LOL one more reason when my parts come in, the OS is being resintalled as Win7 Ultimate. Seriously, the yokes are still having problems with 10?

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Did I just open a can of worms?

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Nah. I was considering installing 10 tbh, but I keep seeing all these problems with drivers and peripherals and stuff and it’s just not worth the hassle.

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Go for 10 Rhino … I’d never go back to 7.

IIRC the creators update broke stuff, Creator's Update & TM-Target issue ?! - PC Hardware and Related Software - ED Forums

I hope you find a fix :slight_smile:

This appears to be the fix

or this

Hi all,

The workaround is, just copy d3d9.dll from c:\windows\system32 to the folder where program that is crashing is installed C:\Program Files (x86)\Thrustmaster\TARGET\x64


Thanks Cib. I’m not even sure if I have the creators update installed. All I know is that if I go “Update Windows”, it’s current. My Windows underwent a large update last week so that was probably the creators update since I’ve been seeing quite a few changes.

Anyway, my problem was with RivaTunerStatisticsServer. I was running ver 6.5 so I just updated to the latest (beta) ver 7.0 and everything is ok. I have a feeling Riva and Target were probably trying to use the same “hooks” or something.

I’ll keep your solution in mind though if I ever run into that again!

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