TBM 850/900 for X plane 11

I would like to get a TBM for X 11…
I see Carenado has an 850 for 35$…any way I could get a discount on this… I think 20$ is enough…I hate to buy planes… right now I fly the Baron 58 twin exclusively…

The ultimate TBM900 for X-Plane is by Hot Start, available at X-Aviation. It’s not cheap at $64.95 USD, but in this case you definitely get what you pay for.


As for the Carenado version, keep an eye on the sales on the X-Plane.org store. Also worth noting, the Carenado TBM was created for XP10 as described below…

X-Plane10 fully updated - X-Plane 11 (Aircraft was designed in XP10 but will work in XP11. Will not include latest XP11 features)


FFS Paul, I ‘probably’ won’t get the TBM… But now that I have seen that website, I’m going 'Ooh, shiny" :angry:


:wink: You should take a look at the Hot Start Challenger 650 … if you end up buying it, I get extra ‘Bad Influencer’ points! :rofl: It’s so good I feel like I’m working when I fly it!


Hey. Steady on there cowboy… I ain’t made of money!

That Pocket Rocket on the other hand :thinking:

unfortunately Carenado is not participating in ongoing .org sale.

regarding something turboprop and fast go no further Harry

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I did see that when I got the EuroFOX… talk about opposite ends of the spectrum :slight_smile:

Back when I had FSX installed, I downloaded a freeware version of the original Pond racer (I might even have the file on an old HDD lying around here someplace?).

would like to see VSL to develop also the og version. that one looks much more attractive.
VSL mentioned it at some occasion but no eta.

64 is too much ,period. We will see what a tsunami recession does to all the %b*$$…


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As I said, you get what you pay for. The Challenger is $114 USD but worth every penny of that if you are looking for the most in depth aircraft simulation out there. Most people won’t need that level of systems fidelity to enjoy flying a simulated airplane though.

The Pocket Rocket is a seriously fun airplane. You won’t be disappointed if you decide to get it.

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it is a lot. but dont know if you play with freeware aircraft or not but they definitely look good from some distance but up close there are many imperfections regarding 3d modeling, texturing and flight modeling.

payware stuff is usually, not talking about exceptions here [read the reviews first], on the other side of spectrum, i.e. polished and ready to use ‘out of the box’ / no hassle.

talking about exceptions, definitely freeware stuff in payware quality can be found also.

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