Teaser screenshots of a Fly-In mission ... maybe

Assuming that the Mirage 2000 gets fixed in the next two days, @near_blind and @EinsteinEP have been working on a very cool mission for the Fly-In coming up this weekend. Here are a few teaser shots to get you … in the mood :wink:

Someday I want to fly one of these in DCS. Someday.

DEAD flight enroute.

Mirages and a member of the SEAD escort.

Mirage 2000 … wheels up. Turning to course with #2 and #3 rolling on the runway.


@near_blind gets full credit for the mission! At best, I’m the staff clerk working late nights on briefing packages.

He has done amazing work!

But don’t sell yourself short. Without a good briefing, no one is going to attack the right target. No pressure or anything… :slight_smile:

Guess I need to configure those M-2000 controls soon :wink:

Sooner rather than later!

Just saying! :wink: