Tech Questions and Approved Answers

We have a very helpful set of people here. To help out with that (heh) we’ve added some more formal support for ‘Questions and Answers’ on one of our categories #hardware, which we’ve renamed ‘Hardware & Tech Questions’ .

If you’re familiar with something like, you’ve got the basic idea. What we’re looking for in this category is all sorts of easy and hard tech problems to solve, where the community can come in and then hopefully answer.

For example:

  • How do I install more memory and in what configuration?

  • Can I turn off Windows 10 updates?

  • What’s the PC build for a flight sim?

The bit we’ve added is the topic creator can now mark the question as ‘Solved’ once they are happy. This accepts the answer and shows it at the top alongside the question, making it easier to see and find later. Just tick this box on the replies to your tech question to accept the answer (only the topic creator can do this):

The forum member that answers a question gets the immeasurable (we measured it, and it’s close to inifinity!) value of of a community badge:


If you get 10 answers accepted you get the silver upgrade and that’s pretty much living the dream right there!:


It also makes it easy to see the ‘unsolved’ questions in this category like this:

So another quick experiment that hopefully works ok. I shall now promise to stop messing around with the forum for a few months. Thanks! :beers:


Hopefuly not all answers now will end with :

if you find this usefull pls mark as solved




I’ve added this feature on the other sub-forums, so you can ask a Flight Sim question in #flight-sims and then if you get an answer that helps you marked it as solved.

Additionally, in our search you can use the terms in:solved or in:unsolved to find things.

Note: the ‘Mark as Solved’ is under the post extra actions, i.e. click the ‘…’ on a post if you are the author of the question to mark it as a good solution to your question.