Technology fail day


Had one of those days today…where pretty much everything mechanical or electronic just was having none of it for me.

Started with doing some outdoors work. I wanted to listen to Pandora on my patio speakers through my receiver (Denon) and it would not let me log in to Pandora. Checked the internet settings…and after a bit of searching online found out I needed some firmware download.

Did that, in business…then fired up the pressure washer to clean the pool deck. Wand trigger decides it only wants to work at random times. So as a result, when it does come on, I hold it in a death grip for 30 minutes at a time to make sure it continues to function.

Come inside, and see the Internet is down on the computer…but oddly enough, not the receiver. Chase cables around…unplugging the Denon makes the computer work. Not sure if I have a wonky CAT cable or wonky hub. Le sigh. I’m ready to burn it all down and start from scratch. My cabling is a bit of a nightmare at the moment.

A few other things today…but clearly I was intended to stay in bed today since at every turn I was faced with a time consuming roadblock…


Oh man that sounds tough indeed, hang in there!


LOL…not really tough. I’m just being whiny because so much of my day was occupied with troubleshooting instead of doing stuff. Glad I wasn’t flying today or my MEL list would run for two pages… :rofl:

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LOL! @BeachAV8R. The Singularity is nigh!



Picture the fun I’m having… Router at front of house. Direct wired connection to wife’s pc in living room. Never any problem. Ever.

My pc. Router. Wired into range extender. To another range extender. To ANOTHER range extender. To a wired connection to my pc. And for some reason at least once a week this ‘strangely’ decides to stop working. At one point. Which changes everytime. And will then start working the INSTANT I turn off one section of the chain. And then fail again when I sit down.

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If my luck with electronics went anywhere near as bad as that … I would consign myself to a chair with a book … Lol


I got a Win10 bluescreen playing DCS online, last Thursday I think it was. It looks like a thermal shutdown, so thought it might be a fan/pump not working etc, but they all look fine. Since then I suspect my CPU is on the way out. It’s ok on idle but any power going through it causes lots of heat. It used to never go above 60C but now it’s hitting 80C even if I take off any overclock. I’ve got good use out of it since Nov 2015 overclocked at 4.5 GHz, so can’t really complain.

I’m not sure I want to go through the upgrade saga just yet, as can’t be bothered with it (what to pick, where to buy, choices choices etc etc), so going to ignore it for a while and not game for a bit.

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For less than $3000 - you can make all of your problems go away. Well…computer related anyway. I suppose for some people, $3000 makes problems appear too…so there’s that to consider. :thinking:

Personally, I’d just go to Maui. :smile:




You read my mind. :slight_smile:



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This will fit in the overhead!


HypnoRAM says:
uPgRaDe NoW - yOu CaN nOt ReSiSt

yes, my memory has RGB…it was on sale for cheaper than non-RGB.


I also have acquired more RGB “enhanced” pieces of equipment than a man my age should have (any number > 0) due to it also being cheaper than its counter-parts. The weirdest is the headset, I mean, it’s not like I can possibly see them when they are on :joy:


Ya I don’t understand this obsession with flashing lights on every component. I mean… My case has always glowed blue a bit, but it’s mostly opaque so I can’t see them anyway lol. No use for them personally.


Same here. For me that’s just a waste of energy.


Consider it a free boost to your night flying immersion, especially for the A-10C!