Textron Scorpion pilot report...

Nice article by a guy that got to spend some time in the Scorpion…

You might need to use Ad Block on that site - I get a lot of quirky alerts with Firefox there for some reason…like browser hijack type stuff…I dunno why…


Yeah, it’s pretty bad. I hate that when all I want to do is read the article and this garbage comes up.

Regarding Scorpion, in the last two or three “Air Forces Monthly Magazine” issues, they had several articles where Textron has been really pushing hard for this aircraft to become the next “Warthog” replacement for several countries including UK, US, some Middle-eastern etc. From what I was reading in those articles, it really does seem to be a very powerful and flexible aircraft with cost saving considerations. It is competing with the supertucano IIRC and maybe one other prop aircraft I don’t remember.

Can we hope for some time down the road “DCS Scorpion?” :wink:

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Should have called it Dragonfly II.

It’s so friggin’ cool.

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IMO for the mission they want it to do, the Scorpion is too little for too much. The A-29 isn’t sexy, nor is the AT-6B, but they offer the needed capability at a far better value.

Having said that, I could see the Scorpion making a decent training/transition aircraft for the pointy-nose types.