Thanks Chuck_Owl..!

Just wanted to post a shout-out to @Chuck_Owl and thank him for the fabulous Leonardo MD-82 Maddog Guide. It is phenomenal. I spent about three hours with the guide and the Leonardo MD-82 last night fully planning a flight from Dulles to Charlotte. Thanks to Chuck’s guide, I was able to get through the very intricate process without losing my mind. His illustrations and numbered graphics are invaluable for an airplane where you are constantly moving around to different panels. The MD-82 is an old-school plane that requires some time and adherence to the checklist, but is really rewarding to finally get up and running.


Chuck’s guides are invaluable. I wish he would write one for the Global! :wink:


That one gave me quite a lot of headaches, but flying it properly feels really rewarding. I’m glad the guide could help you in some capacity.