That (Bell V-280) is just....ugly...

The market is to replace the Blackhawk.

That’s huge if it wins. The idea is to be faster than a Blackhawk without sacrificing anything else.

Bell developed what is now the AW-609. That’s a relatively nice looking machine.


There’s already one thing they will have to sacrifice: side mounted door guns. The V-22 can’t mount weapons on the flanks due to concerns over potentially hitting the wings/nacelles/props. Maybe the V-280 will have a more logical solution to the problem (like limiters on the mounts).

Lots of great info in an interview with the lead Bell V-280 engineer on the Airplane Geeks Podcast, including the demonstrator achieving 300 kts true. An amazing engineering feet IMO, which will really be fun in VR. In fact they discuss AR applications for maintainers.

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Indeed, the engines are mounted in the airframe allowing side doors with 72 “ openings, if memory serves vs the ramp on the V-22. Transports a 12 man squad at a very quiet 240 KT cruise.

Whatever they are paying the dudes to test flight that thing. Ain’t enough.