That is one pretty trainer

Very nice cockpit…beautiful lines…I give it a 9/10…


It’s a nice aircraft. I give it 5/7

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True dat being a sexy plane, but it aint no sexy trainer.

This is sexy trainer, especially ones that like to handle big balls.


I have the weirdest

right now…

OK, I might not have an advantage in the brains department, but even a dummy can see where this thread is headed.

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Yak designed a nice looking jet, for sure!

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They might need to work on the googlability of that aircraft name. Here’s the first result:


So stubby!

Try googling MB 346…

The MB 346 is produced by Italian company ALENIA AEROSPACE.
Its not only the most advanced trainer in the world, but is the most advanced TRAINING SYSTEM. The plane itself is capable to simulate the avionic systems of many other planes like F18, Typhoon, F16…and F35 ofc. By twaking his fly by wire system can also simulate other planes flight behaviour even if limited to a certain flight envelope: lets say that U want to use it as a MIG 21 agressor…well U switch the “MIG 21 program” in the fly by wire software and he behaves like a MIG 21.
Also it has an advanced helmet with augmented reality capabilities. The MB 346 is connected with a ground flight simulator and fight enviroment system. So…a trainee pilot flies the real MB 339, while on the flight simulator there is an expert instructor that is connected in “multyplay”, that flies another simulated MB 339 (or a Flanker), and the trainee sees averything is created by the simulation on his elmet. This meand that he flies a real plane IN realistic virtual fight enviroment. Imagine to use DCS while flying a real plane connected to it.
Actually the MB 346 is operative with ITALIAN AIR FORCE and ISRAELI AIR FORCE. Its also the only competitor for the Next generation Joint US Trainer contest…but of course American Aerospace industry lobbyes is performing all his power to prevent him to win :wink:

Here is a short italian documentary about it…but im not shure it can be viewed from abroad…i put the link anyway


Just saying @TBear- sei italiano, eh? Ciao! :slight_smile:

Si Italiano purosangue :wink: Hi. Former Navy Officer :slight_smile:

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Alpino 8° Reggimento. Mortar Troops. Squad leader.
:smiley: Now on Military Simulators IT- Eurofighter and Tornado.

:+1: I was in NAVY GRUPAER at Grottaglie :wink: retired from 2001

Pity Im not 21 years younger to have training with MB 326…but i had lot of fun anyway at CherryPoint and Corpus Christy :wink: :wink:

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