That one friend

… who when you get together it seems like something unexpected happens.

Like getting stuck in an elevator for several hours;
or having your vehicle locked in a parking garage over night because you stayed after hours and didn’t know that they locked the parking garages after 10 pm;
or towing a boat to a storage facility in another state and when you get there they rented the storage facility so you end up staying the night and searching frantically all over town the next day trying to find a storage place;
or helping them move and they drop a glass soap dispenser in the sink and crack it so now you are there taking it out so it can be replaced.

Those are just a few of the things that come to mind but it seems like at least once a year something screwy happens when we get together. Luckily, so far anyway, none of them has been life threatening.



Bonding moments! :joy:

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Lol, I guess I should have waited until tomorrow and read the post again before hitting submit.



Where’s the fun in that? :wink:

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Do your get-togethers usually involve alcohol or herb? :smiley:

Unfortunately no, it would make the situation understandable.


I have a friend like that!
He was the first of my friends to get a house, so I spent a lot of time there just helping out with stuff. Putting up tire racks in the garage, re-assembling a shed, helping work on a car, etc.

Something always went wrong. Need a different tool that I don’t have, need a tool he said I don’t need to bring - and my all time favorite: aftermarket brake pads that don’t fit in the caliper mounting bracket by just enough that you could hammer them in but should file the tabs down.

We did a lot of runs to Canadian Tire, Home Depot and PartsSource.

I learned that I should always demand details when he called and said “come down this weekend and bring your drill/impact driver/torque wrench/etc.” as once I knew the task, I’d be packing a small tool bag.

Lots of fun & frustration. :grin:


sheepishly I am that friend. Go ask @tempusmurphy and @Mace


Cherish that friend. I have not had one like that since Guam in ‘08. When your job moves you all over it becomes ever harder to find people locally who share an interest. I have acquaintances all over the world. No deep friends anywhere. So cherish that guy (or girl) and count yourself fortunate to have him in your life—as you clearly do.


Hoo boy, we’ve been out of the Navy for a little over a decade now, and we STILL get into those shenanigans when we’re hanging out.

No stories here because family friendly.


d’aww, can’t you euphemise a bit? Make it all the funnier. Come on get creative with them words you got!