That part's not important...right?

[still trying to find a better video link]

After noticing vibrations from the engine about an hour into the flight, the crew made an emergency return to Minneapolis-St Paul International Airport.

An hour seems like an awfully long time to have waited to RTB.

Einstein, double check the link there. The reference to MSP is with regards to another flight, this time I believe Delta, that had a similar incident.

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Thanks, @Navynuke99, I read that too fast.

Yeah. I think they returned for landing after doing a circuit of the airport. They might not have even heard or felt that cover rip off…good chance that a passenger had to let them know. It appears to have happened well after V1 - so the correct and safest action was to continue to the takeoff no matter what.

I’ve had an engine cowl come open in flight, but it only popped up a few inches and then it held (on a King Air). Never a fun thing when a passenger comes forward with the question “Is that supposed to be like that??”


Looks like an A320 which mean it has another engine…Sheesh!

Prolly a good thing that a python didn’t crawl out and wrap up the plane.