The 2016 Mudspike Christmas Contest

It is our pleasure to announce the 2016 Mudspike Christmas Contest! There are three prizes to win and two ways to play.

The first way to play is to submit an AAR in the Mudspike Christmas AAR Contest thread.

The best after action report will receive a complete Thrustmaster T1600M HOTAS set including Joystick, Throttle, and Pedals, courtesy of Thrustmaster. Use text, screenshots, videos, interpretive dance, or whatever else you need to tell your story in any simulation or game. Content must be original. Our select panel of impartial and unbribable judges – me, @BeachAV8R, and @fearlessfrog, who really likes peanut butter m&ms – will pick the best AAR of the lot based on creativity and originality, entertainment and interest value, and overall presentation quality.

Additionally, the AAR post with the most likes will win the People’s Choice award of a $50 Steam Card.

The second way to play is to go to the Mudspike Mug Roll thread and make ONE 1d9999 dicebot roll. The highest number wins their own highly coveted Mudspike Mug.

Any ties for People’s Choice or the Mudspike Mug Roll will be decided by a dicebot roll-off.

May the odds be ever in your favor!


Today is the last day! Get your AARs in by midnight tonight to be eligible for the Thrustmaster set or the Mudspike Mug.

Even if you’re not submitting an AAR, review the ones that are posted and hit the like button on your favorites. The AAR with the most likes (that isn’t also the Judge’s Pick) will get to take home a $50 Steam gift card.


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Thanks to everyone who participated in our 2016 Christmas Contest! The Judges are busy at work reviewing the AARs, counting likes, and reviewing dicebot’s random number generator.

We’ll have the official winners announced later today!