The Airplane Cutaway thread, AKA "I can see the naughty bits"

I didn’t see one of these, so figured I’d start one. Always fascinated by cutaways. First thing I look for is the ingenious way fuel is stored on aircraft, but also amazing how radar, avionics, and sensors are crammed into every available space

This ones not actually a cutaway, it’s just a crocodile tht came back after it’s armor was all shot to hell, so they ran with it:



It’s amazing how huge the weapon bays on the bone are. I wonder how it’s max payload compares to that of a buff.


Aaaaah! Great thread!
I love CATIA/Cut-away pics!


IIRC the B-1 can carry more actual bombs (IE Mk82 etc) but less total weight of munitions.

The Bone can carry 84x500lb Mk 82s and 24x 2000lb MK-84 or GBU-31s. And in case the world goes mad A single B-1B can carry 24 B-61s or B-83s

I believe internally it can carry up to 75000 lbs of munitions vs the 70000 lbs total(internal and External) the B52 can hold.


My 60” 4K monitor is coming in REAL handy right now. :wink: Great thread.


Surprised the Bear has such a relatively small bomb bay:

I’m sure the Ruskies had their reasons, but I’d think moving the wing (and COL vs CG) back would allow more bomb bay space, especially considering they saved considerable room by moving the main gear outboard.

Buff for comparison:



these are fantastic … tempted to use the hind one as wallpaper :grin:

Oh, you all had plans this weekend? That’s cute:

[evil laughter]

I love how almost pointless the Little Bird cutaway is:

“I mean, would have been faster to just take a picture with engine cowl open”~The Illustrator, probably


That’s cool anyway. Simple is good. Would have been nice to see a cutaway of the front of the rotor mast(?) cowling to see the control rod bell cranks and how simple that configuration is. I didn’t realize that the AH-6 has MFDs.

Thought I should share what I have on my bookshelf. :grin:


SAAB Draken, Viggen and Gripen…! I went straight to Ebay and got a copy!
Thanks for the heads-up!

I like these cutaway drawings too, bought a couple of Haynes manuals recently for the F117A and Spirit of St Louis … I can remember when Haynes manuals were for Bikes and Cars maintenance I owned, good to see them branching out this way, very informative books and can be had quite cheap in UK at least. Was about £5 a pop for mine, lots of other interesting aircraft titles too, not all as on sale cheap prices, but still reasonable in the £20 ish range.

I have that same book! :slight_smile:

Yeah, the AH-6 is essentially a baby apache, and built with room for expansion to unmanned operation.

A little Gannet action to kick off your tuesday!

Really nice read:

PS: Love how magnificently complicated the flaps are!


In keeping with shadowing the pics thread:

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