The Amazing Rug Race

Ordered a new rug from a place we used before in LA. Shipping during COVID is sort of interesting. Fedex took it on an amazing road trip. Can’t wait to see its vacation photos.

Best guess is they really wanted to enter Canada at their facility in Woodbridge Ontario?


I think the driver really likes your rug and he is loathe to part with it.


It really brings the room together man. (hopefully).

the big lebowski GIF


They can’t charge COVID related delays if it goes quickly and directly! :rofl:


Was he perhaps taking advantage of the jet stream?

ps you know your dog’s gonna poop on the rug anyway…

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It’s mainly Buddy’s blond hair as why we’re changing rug color. :slight_smile: :dog:

I think if Fedex could save gas on their trucks using sails they probably would. I’ve certainly been almost side swiped by one tacking into the wind on a breezy day. The locations above were updates per day I got from their tracking app, so it looks like they plan them out like a delivery route like a bus would. The Woodbridge → Vancouver was just a single update, so I hope they supply some drugs, that’s a drive (maybe they popped it on a train, but the tracking didn’t show it, dunno).

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Who knew that Sarnia was the carpet smugglers point of entry.


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That route from Woodbridge to Vancouver looks exactly like the route I took to Vancouver from Toronto on my motorcycle!

Trucking wise (what I do for a fun), I see no reason to head through Woodabrrridge. I know where the Fedex Freight terminal is located (near CYYZ) so it’s not there. My family pronounces it Woodabrrridge with a rolled r because that town is very popular with the Italians and everything there is generally upscale. :slight_smile: Was your rug imported from Italy by any chance?