The Battle Simulator

This topic has been generating some talk over on the ED forums, apparently ED has updated the website for The Battle Simulator, which to my understanding is their software for professional clients using the DCS engine and modules.

I think the most interesting bits are the screenshots. They snuck in some new screenshots of the Hormuz map, Russian carrier, and some others. Mind you these are new to me, I don’t believe they’ve been released previously but I could be wrong. Another tidbit is that it mentions they are developing an F-16 and AH-64, in addition to the Hornet.

Obviously what’s released for TBS isn’t neccesarily what we’ll see in DCS but most of the modules seem to be the same so speculate away.

Attached a couple screenshots below but head over to the site to see more.


Luckily the flight sim community will remain calm and measured, and not speculate too much over these quotes…

Other aircraft are in development such as the F-16, F/A-18, and AH-64. Additional aircraft can be developed based on client needs.

In addition to the Eagle Dynamic’s development staff, TBS also benefits from our partner companies that not only create new simulation content for DCS World/TBS, but they also contribute new technologies, research, and procedures to the larger program. Some partner aircraft projects for DCS World/TBS include:

Mirage 2000C
SA342 Gazelle
BAE Hawk
New theaters in development: Syria, Crimea, and Afghanistan


Plus some of the images really are very nice.



Get the second box, F/A-18 cockpit pic:




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Not for the poor dock worker


You want some of that?

I think most of these images are quite old. Possibly from the black shark and warthog era. I suppose choices had to be considering the advanced tech employed. I hope the hornet will some day soon lead to the F-16 and Apache.


Fixed it :yum:


I’ll be in my bunk.

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Cool. One thing to keep in mind is I do believe if ED develop for military they have to get the militarys ok before releasing it to the public.

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Military doesn’t use those toys. ED just hopes that they will…and with current world politics it’s not going to happen. IMHO, this is pointless fluff that doesn’t assist with planning / learning unless you are learning particular system or task.
Here’s what USAF uses for battle simulator software. They modify it, add bunch of classified stuff and run it on laptops that should have been recycled 10 years ago.

please dont expect items from TBS as garaunteed to be brought over to DCS:W

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Correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t the a-10c module originally developed for the Guard?

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Who has time for reasonable advice where there’s hype to hype over and then massively overreact when reality fails to reach the levels of our self inflated expectations.

That said, now they’ve mentioned the Crimea, if Saki, the Crow’s Nest, Kerch, and Sevastapol aren’t back in T4 Black Sea, I riot.


A-10C is a Commercial Derivative of USAF’s A-10C DTT (Desk Top Trainer)

Yeah, but as a cockpit task trainer not a full “battle simulator.”

That’s where I think their software could be successful, just being able to run a low cost trainer on a desktop and being able to jump on by yourself and learn systems, displays, menus, etc, without having to jump into one of the full fidelity sims.

We have something similar at work with a touchscreen, a few displays, and stick/throttle. Unfortunately the GUI is clunky at best and prone to crashes. That’s “military grade” simulation for you right there.

I don’t think anyone is jumping to conclusions here, I know personally I’m just excited to see new shots of known modules, such as the Hormuz terrain.


They did. I’m not sure where they found money on such luxury. Maybe their base didn’t have full cockpit sim and they wanted to help with transition from A to C model. I’m just guessing here. I had a chance to use it and it was complete crap from perspective of “simulation”. If I was in decision chain of this purchase - good idea fairy would have been stumped. Nothing against ED, but this is a complete fluff nearing fraud waste and abuse level.

Why do you ask? Because training programs are purchased typically on airforce wide level. So when USAF buys bunch of aircraft, they also get a contract from a large training companies such as L-3 and that company will bring full motion simulators, training material and instructors to each base. If someone has to purchase bunch of desktop software --there is a big issue here of why L-3 is not meeting their contract of training and providing required materials.

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Defenitly not looking to start a debate about off topic semantics of witch I am far from informed. Just think it should be noted that things work a bit diffrently in the guard, and as a weekend warrior myself, this seemed to make perfect sence in order to help full time tube liner jocks and part time attack pilots get up to speed on the fancy new gadgetry. I will have to digress in the area of aircrew training logistics though.

Lots of interesting stuff for sure. I too find the info about the known DCS moduals most exciting.


Wowza, I’m not speculating just commenting when I say I believe DCS is ready for an F-16. Yes, I’ve seen the heated debates on other sites but I’ve also played out the logistics and rationale in my head. I think adding the Viper will serve those of us who prefer all their babies in one spot.

I’ve also been secretly attending the Temple of Sim, hoping that someone would develop the AH-64 (it is my favorite helo followed by the Blackhawk, Kiowa, and Cobra…wink, wink). Every time a new helo appears in DCS I think cool but not my cup 'o tea.

Still, it is nice that we have gotten past that dark “flight sims are dead” era. Good times ahead…