The Best Space Games in 2018


It mentioned star citizen… Lolz !!!


I’m too old to watch videos, here’s the list in text. :wink:

X4 Foundations - Egosoft

No Man’s Sky NEXT - Hello Games
News - No Man's Sky

Elite Dangerous - Frontier Developments

Star Trek Bridge Crew - Ubisoft

EVE Online - CCP


Dual Universe - Novaquark

Star Citizen - CIG

Starfighter Inc. Impeller Studios

Space Engine

Genesis Alpha One - Team 17
Genesis Alpha One | Genesis Alpha One PS4 | Team17 Group PLC

Objects in Space

Out of those, X4 looks typically X3+ good, Starfighter nice, Everspace and Genesis looks pretty arcadey, Dual Universe has trouble making a website work, so a galaxy sim is a tough ask, Space Engine will be out 1 year after Star Citizen and Objects in Space wins the award for worse name imaginable.



I’ve been enjoying space minecraft extra terrestrial HVAC repair simulator Stationeers.

I actually cannot say I agree with Obsidian Ant’s list but thought I’d list it anyway since he is pretty good with his presentations. The only one I have and do enjoy is “Elite Dangerous.”

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I actually looked at the bottom of the Space Engine website to see if it was by the Outerra folks…