The boys’ first RC flight…

So I bought the boys (alright…who are we kidding…and me…!) these starter RC planes for Christmas and we finally got a chance to go give them a whirl at the nearby soccer fields. I tested mine out first…and got the hang of it pretty quickly, but I was really skeptical that the boys would pick it up. I should have known all those hours on FortNite and FIFA would translate to an almost instant ability to transition to 3D flight…they did fantastic. All three went airborne…and all three returned, much to my amazement. I figured we would lose one into the road, one into a tree…and maybe one to a circling hawk.

Binding each to the individual transmitter was a breeze and we kept them in their gyro stabilized mode…which works pretty good, but they still require a good bit of attention and active inputs. They just slide onto the grass when you decide batter power is too low. The battery sits in the cockpit…and they last about 8 or 10 minutes depending how much throttle you use. We will have an endurance competition next time.

Lots of fun…I was freezing by the end of it all…so very happy we only had about six batteries between the three aircraft…


Wow, brought back a memory that one. My first assemble-it-from-scratch (mom bought it for me; a large glider; took days complete!). She got got airborne fine enough (glider, not me-mum).

Ahhhh man…I can’t bring myself to re-live that one :sob:


To quote a movie I’ve never actually seen…it’s the circle of life man. I might not even be treading this earth when my boy assembles one with his boy or girl…and says…“you know…your Grandpa used to fly airplanes…” Jesus…that does bring it home doesn’t it?


“Why did Grandpa do that daddy? Did he think he was a robot?”


Kai did really well. That’s amazing if you guys didn’t fly any RC sim time. Well done.


Oh…nicely done

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Congratulations to all three of you. :+1:

I am very happy that I got myself the Aerofly Pro Deluxe edition with USB Game Commander controller.

I crashed for at least 50000 Danish krowns of virtual RC planes on my first day of use. That is about 7700 USD.

I just don’t have the apptitude for it. Especially thinking opposite when it is facing towards me. It is the same with RC cars.

I hope that you will continue to have smooth RC flying.

Happy Simming


RC cars are simple, never let it drive towards you. Simply run behind it at all times, and you’ll be fine :wink: In all seriousness check out some of the RC rally car driving for folks actually doing that. Also rock crawling lets you be behind them most of the time.