The boys in grey doing what they do best (in a Chinook)


Impressive flying and coordination between the load master (?) and the pilots. Hope they get that dam stabilized. Water is such a tricky beast and it will find any weakness in a structure…

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Wow that is indeed some serious damage and if I’m reading the article correctly it was all caused by huge amounts of pressure due to extremely heavy rains?

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Wow. You can see how much weight is released each time they drop a bag there and I’m sure that would change the balance of the helo each time, yet he just sits there rock steady.


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That joke doesn’t hold water…


Yes it is.

The BBC Science Analyst only went back to 2007 for an example. What the article describes is very similar to the beginnings of the Johnstown Flood of 1889. (Of course they didn’t have Chinooks back then so the emergency repair efforts were for naught.)

I recommend David McCullough’s book for a good and readable description of that disaster. Thoughts and prayers that they are able to contain this.

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