The Chipocalypse: will patches cause a drop flight sim FPS?

Actually…it looks like I missed the Fall Creators Update because it is installing that…

If you see any game slow-down after installing that then try turning off the ‘Xbox Game DVR’ feature they helpfully included for everyone.

In Windows 10, type ‘Settings’ and then look for the new ‘Gaming’ section. The ‘DVR’ is on by default, so hit the off on the ‘Record game clips…’ bit (unless you want it of course).


It’s interesting because after I rebooted, I guess Windows Defender ran a new scan and I’m getting a trojan alert for this file, which is a direct download from the Reality XP website (for the GTN 750)…


Have to look that one up…

If I wasn’t covered in tinsel and entangled with Xmas lights :christmas_tree: I’d one day like to do a small write up on how the heuristics work for virus checkers, and how they pattern match to try to infer that something is being naughty but without ever proving it but executing. It’s a bit of an art. :slight_smile:


Well, it has been reported previous…so it doesn’t look like a problem…

I haven’t measured the FPS, but I can’t notice any performance degradation in IL-2 or DCS, so far.

Yep, no real difference. Cool. :slight_smile:

The cloud people are having a bad time though.


How can I check if my PC has updated? Windows did download some stuff…

There’s a tool to check up here - The Chipocalypse: will patches cause a drop flight sim FPS? - #16 by fearlessfrog

Either that or type ‘Windows Update’ in Win10 and look in the ‘View installed update history’ link for kb4056892.

Nothing for windows 7?

Yep, for 7 it was KB4056894.

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Thanks! :smiley:

If there’s one term I’ve absolutely loathed since I graduated from college a decade ago, it’s “the cloud.”

Seriously, eff the cloud with a piece of rusty rebar.


Ha! When clients ask me where the cloud is, I always point to the ceiling and say, “up there”.

If you dislike inane nondescript fashion terms in IT you’re going to have a bad time. :slight_smile:


I’m definitely more of a low scud/fog guy…

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Ha I once worked on an R&D project that used the cloud for… things. Guy who thought of and ran it tried to get the company to let him call it the scud.


Try convincing a bunch of O-6s and O-7s that the cloud is not a place to store classified information!

Nice patch for Windows 10 to help mitigate some of the performance lost due to the Intel Spectre fix. If you see KB4482887 appear on a Windows Update then you just might get some CPU back.


Didnt notice any particular improvement on my I7 4790K :frowning:

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