The Division 2


I have this pre-ordered as I put a lot of hours into the first and seeing as Anthem wasn’t what it promised The Division 2 will be my new looter shooter :smiley:
Will anyone else be getting it on PS4? Anyone setting up a Mudspike clan, wanting to play?


Preordered the original and enjoyed it for a while. Very cool mechanics and the idea of the Dark Zone was interesting. I enjoyed the single player story/Ubisoft unlock/exploring aspect as well.


I didn’t do much in the DZ after getting murdered often lol. You not thinking of getting the new one?


I saw they had a free beta, I’ll probably check it out. Elite is taking most of my gaming time lately. I enjoyed the novelty of the division until the story mode ended, then I kind of got bored with the end game raids. One of the best times I had was during a period where there was a glitch that allowed 30-40 people to join one mission. Just total mayhem on the hardest difficulty.


I liked the private beta, but I did not have time to complete the high-level mission to get the bonuses in the full game. I can not wait to play it again.

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That end content mission was hard! I think the amount of drone and grenade spam from bosses needs to have a cool down as it was too much but I’m sure they’ll tweak. I can’t wait to get back into DC too :blush: