The End of the LearJet


The coolest corporate airplane every made (possibly excepting the Staggerwing) is flying west. Go figure. Rich people want a big cabin and long legs.

It was more like an F-5 than a Challenger. What a ride!

Bombardier to end Learjet production, cut 1,600 jobs (


Unfortunate but cuts by Bombardier aren’t surprising in general unfortunately. I hope those employees are able to find well paying work elsewhere in a timely fashion.

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Not very likely considering the general slow down in all things aviation. :worried:


Bombardier hasn’t been run well in a long time, either.
They came out with their new airliner and couldn’t do a thing with it until they basically gave it to Airbus who now sells it as the A220.

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You can thank Boeing for that. They did everything they could to kill the C-Series. :rage: