The Expanse Season 4

New information on the upcoming season.


I am looking forward to this :smiley:

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Yep, me too. Love the books. In fact I just finished Tiamat’s Wrath.

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Me too.
I watched the first three seasons on Prime and finished reading the second book yesterday.

Doubling down.


Good to hear.
Many people say that the fourth book is the worst (no clue, haven’t read it yet), so if the season is less great than the previous ones I would have feared for the series if they had decided to base their decision to make the fifth season based on the reception of the fourth.

I’ve just started reading Leviathan Wakes. How did I leave it this long to read?! It’s so good!
Started watching the first 3 episodes on Amazon too and so far the book is better but the series is good too.


Without spoiling too much:
The show and the books differ in what happens, but the outcomes are basically the same. It also seems that the show introduces some characters earlier and in some cases leaves out side characters (instead letting the main characters do the same or similar things) or roll several side characters into one.

I just started book 4 and I really enjoyed both the show and books so far.


Yeah I’d noticed many differences between the book and series early on like what happened to Havelock in the series happened to an unknown character in the book and not sure why they did that.
I like how they treat space travel somewhat realistically and gravity is a big issue, ships are built to serve a purpose rather than look pretty. Very refreshing in the genre.


Actually I think the show did some things better. The book has a few “throwaway” characters, especially in season 2 and 3 (the show merged them into one that I think is a lot cooler) and tells some stories only from one side (during book/season 1 the show has the whole UN side covered better).

The show also has a few more tensions between Holden’s crew which makes things a bit more exciting for the audience. With that the show makes up for the inherent problems you have in movies, such as not being able to show thoughts very well.

The books tell everything a bit more in-depth, but also a bit more long winded, because they have to describe a lot of things the show can just, well, show you in one or two short scenes.