The Honest Pre-flight Safety Demonstration Video


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As someone who operates from airports of which almost all are in close proximity to water, I take issue with the statements about lifevests… Just remember you must wait until outside the aircraft before inflating them.
Also, I seriously doubt that Captain must contact the airline before announcing “Emergency Descent“ on the PA…


What a total load of horse-schist!


Yeah that’s a load of bullshit, over the wings is not because of the emergency exits but because you are seated over the structurally strongest bit of the aircraft… Feels like a clickbaity youtube video that someone has dreamed up based on nothing.

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You mean he might not be being totally truthful with his YouTube description. :scream:

ReThinkingTourism wrote:

We’ve all heard the pre-flight safety speech a million times. There’s some stuff we should know about airline safety, but they’re not telling us. I spoke to an active commercial pilot and did some research to provide some more interesting and relevant info you should be getting before you fly.


No! That would be totally unthinkable…! :wink:

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Someone lied on the Internet!?
Call the Internet Police!!!

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