The iPad Air Top Apps to have Installed

Hey folks,

Just got the latest iPad Air this one -

What I want to ask you guys whats the best Apps to have for Flight Sims and other stuff FREEWARE and PAYWARE?

Had a look around but need advice?

Right now i have installed just TEamSpeak and Discord as a backup for pc comms.

I used a virtual display app to use the ipad as a second monitor to have the virtual cockpit instruments for Cliff of Dover!

I think that DCs has some dedicated stuff for mdf of modern modules…

Ah and chucks manuals and high res photos of maps for the theathre i’m flying on!

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Yea, I think for flight sims I just want for FSX - F4 - XPlane - DCS is more NAV / MAP / Checklist Flight Planning software tools.

  • What are the best apps people are now using for the above on this platform?

  • What other apps would be cool to install?

I have two android tablets for MFD extraction I don’t really use that much since I just use on screen mouse for short game-play flights.

So I’m just thinking what else how do other people use the iPads other than just for flight sims.

For civilian RL or sim flying, FltPlan Go is a pretty complete EFB. There’s probably a little bit more of a learning curve than ForeFlight, but it’s free and well supported. It will output data to X-Plane and P3D.

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FSWidgets: I’m their Senior Beta Tester (unpaid but I get updates, etc.) so I’m a bit biased BUT FSWidgets have some great Apps for the iPad.


I recommend QuickPlan - works with FSX, FS2004 and X-Plane - a great flight planing point and tap app. It comes with some good non-aeronautical maps and features including Satellite hybrid.

Cloud based World-wide Nav Data and Aeronautical charts are extra - pick and choose the ones you want…most not too expensive.
iGMapHD is also a very nice app - a simple hook up through WiFi and you have essentially a great GPS system. (It comes with all the Aeronautical harts, but only for the one app)

Both have real time weather functions, colored maps, and METARs, etc.

Both come as a limited download version (San Fransisco area) for free. If you like you pay for a full activation code.

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I like ‘Cockpit 360’.
Basically just a list of downloadable air and space craft cockpit images, in 360° panorama.

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ACI Cockpit 360 -

That is an incredible modern turn on enjoying a video, love it thanks.

Thanks for comments gents but what other apps fun things to do or use especially with the iPad “Augmented Reality” capability. I just haven’t played around enough with it. So instead of installing and uninstalling apps I thought to ask those who have tried various apps.

Please share anything that would be great to have installed.

I will definitely load-up FLtPlan Go soon and spend a few hours with it.

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I’ve never heard of that. Is it new with this edition? I’m well acquainted with “Inebriated Realty” but one doesn’t need an iPad to achieve such a state. :sunglasses: