The Korean jet showdown


Apologies for that but it really was unfounded lol! You saw my amazing display last night. The only person in danger of my flying or shooting skills was myself!
I was really looking forward to playing with the f86f last night as well. My thought was to warm up on hollo pointe and then attack the museum relic campaign.
I ended up playing ace combat 7 and getting stuck on mission 6 and going to bed in a huff :joy:


That’s the score attack where you are up against a timer, isn’t it? It’s a female dog. I failed that about three times with only about 300 points to go (ie one kill!) Only when I played some multiplayer to get the points to buy me a hellduck did I manage that one. What a bear.


That’s the one. God its a pain. I nearly managed it with the mig21 and its cannons last night but failed 600 points off.
I have tried the multiplayer to build up some XP but it’s really not my sort of thing lol.
I think the f2 and its rocket pods are the way forward but I got stressed with it last night and couldn’t face listening to the bloody voice overs for a 4th time :joy:



Warthog got me through it. Brrrrrted my way straight through first time.

Good old hog.


Boss Hog :smiley:


I did try farming on multiplayer like you did again but its just awful on there lol my aged brain can’t move like it used to


heh I just got shot down a lot TBH. Didnt matter, made about 50k a round.

I need this on the door of my DCS A-10’s boarding ladder.