The Korean jet showdown

So myself and @schurem had ourselves a little head to head tonight on @WreckingCrew’s keyhole map.

had an absolute BLAST flying with him and chatting on the Hollo Pointe discord

Now i must stress that you really really cannot blame the completely superb and sublime sabre for the end result. More the hamfisted attempts of its extremely green pilot to fend off the excellently flown Mig-15.

I got UTTERLY battered ( I only managed a hit on him when he ran out of ammo) the man can fly!

This series of shots pretty much sums up my evening!! :rofl:

The smoke the mig puts out is so black and thick that the first few times i thought id been hit and was on fire!! no just the mig letting me know its on my A** again and im gonna be respawning shortly!!

great flying @schurem A+++


I had a ball throwing these little kites around the sky with you @Victork2 ! You were a worthy foe, in that the moment you saw the smoke of communist glory in your capitalist mirror, you jinked just the right way every cyka time! Only the first kill would be one I could be proud of, a well timed snapshot that ended your capitalist contraption in one short burst of the peoples’ guns.

I did get hit too, evidenced by this shot.

TBH it wasn’t really a contest of skill. I fly a HMD while poor vic has to make do with a mouse for view control. So while his rear view mirror is actually visible, and he can see me from 10km away, I had far better SA the whole time.


What a gentleman you are bro. That is so cool. I would love to do this some time. Count me in. There is no better flying, than flying with friends.

Good times.


He truly is.

There really isn’t :slight_smile: That mission is really fun too, the whole keyhole thing.

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that was an amazing shot. 37mm doesnt leave much metal left to fly with once its punched through the sabre :grin:

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Well, I really must admit that without the HMD I would never have been able to pull off that shot. There was also a lot of luck involved there.

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I feel awful i didnt mention that! @WreckingCrew set it up for us and @wes sorted the discord so they certainly need a big thanks from us both.
The keyhole mission is a hell of a good mission to fly on your own or online! fully recommend it and thanks for the help setting it up guys!


That mission can be a bit tricky; me and @Wes were playing around with it last night and the Normandy kept lobbing SM-2s my way while I was trying to fly through the keyhole. There were also the F/A-18Cs I had to defend against an a F-16C that eventually clipped me with an AMRAAM. :thinking:

When it comes to the F-86 vs MiG-15, the MiG-15 is superior in every way except dive speed. In the high speed regime, the F-86F should be superior to the MiG-15 due to the all moving tail and I believe the DCS version also has a G suit, whereas the MiG-15 doesn’t. My memory may be serving me wrong, but I believe the later marks of F-86 were capable of turning with the MiG-15 whereas earlier marks were not.


This would be my assesment of it as well @Franze IF i was going by real world standards

I was better in the climb. I pulled away nearly everytime. I hammered the mig in the dive as well.

vertically I certainly had an advantage both ways. I romped away from the MIG, Turning and slow speed he was all over me.

now this i agree doesnt exactly tally with what I know to be the case in the real world

one very interesting part of the night was in a full bore dive with @schurem right on my tail i drove down from height at nearly mach 1. i pulled out with a bit of difficulty but watched the MIG pop the brakes and fall off my tail sideways. it was very cool to watch in the mirror and actually gave me a chill as ive heard of this exact situation happening in korea and it played out almost exactly the same except the MIG pilot didnt survive unlike @schurem. That flying tail does make the difference.


I can say from dogfighting AI MiG-15s in the A-4 that the AI has energy and speed for days in that thing, but it’s a bit surprising to hear you were able to pull away from him in a climb. I wonder if being over the Gulf might’ve had something to do with that.

Not going to be the story with the MiG-19, I’ll tell you that much!

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i thought the same. its interesting isn’t it. but it wasnt a one off. it happened each time.

man it was a lot of fun regardless of reality and that was more important

I’ve got the Mig-15 and will be getting theSaber soon! This looks like great fun.

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Glad you gents enjoyed it!

My experience with AI -15’s was they are like super powered, always faster and never running out of energy. I would hope I could join you and experience a manned MiG.

@Franze some versions of the Sabre had slats for low speed - our DCS model doesn’t, which may affect things. Confirmed on the all moving tail though.


I would definitely be up for doing it again. Your only a few miles apart at startup so if you get taken out your back in the fight in a few minutes. It really is worth trying.

Would be nice if we could organise maybe a 3 on 3 or similar one night. That would be a chaotic mess of bullets and communism :heart:


I’m up for that. We would need seperate discord channels for red and blue.

On the other hand, 1v1 is hard enough to keep track of. 2v2 or many v many becomes a hot ganky mess fairly quickly if you ask me.

Either way, MiG rule, sabre drools


Proven and stamped! :joy::joy:


I been flyin’ my sabre a bit, and I like it. As soon as you receive (and activate and de-bug) your package we could go again, but this time switch sides?

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I’m definitely down for for that. I will the mig purchased and practised with. I really wasn’t bothered by it until I flew against it lol! Now all I can think about is the GIANT holes 37mm leave in enemy aircraft :grin: I think that era suits me best. Great aircraft. Simple but effective. Easy to fly but nuanced enough to be really interesting. I’ll buy the mig if it is still on sale tomorrow.

On a side note I did the first 2 missions of the museum relic campaign. Its amazing! I’m very impressed so far. It is not what I expected at all. Very much a story you play in rather than the collection of loosely connected missions I was expecting. Very impressive.

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I’ve been honing my skills…

no horizontal stab. no airbrakes. no landing gear. no emergency landing gear dump.

but my flaps worked. :thinking:


You scared me when you came up on my six.
I see a plane looking like it wants to latch on in the rear view mirror - panic ensued. :sweat_smile:

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