The last S-3 Viking flight

I always thought the S-3 was a pretty cool looking aircraft. Shame it’s last Navy flight wasn’t a launch off a carrier…


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So… what do they refuel with now?
USAF tankers for the big stuff, and for the smaller stuff just the buddy-refueling with Super Hornets?

Yep, buddy tanking with one of the Super Hornets. Which carry significantly less gas than a Viking, which in turned carried significantly less gas than a KA-6D, which carried significantly less gas than a Whale (EKA-3). But each plane has a significantly smaller footprint on deck than the one before it, so there’s that.

Didn’t someone draw a spoof the F/A-18 as the “all role” aircraft? Something like an KC/T/R/F/EA-18/FAC…LOL…

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Thanks @Navynuke99 !

I only remember such a thing from the A-10 (from the book “Warthog”), but actually it fits the F/A-18 quite well, especially the Super Hornet. it REALLY does all that stuff. True multi role, which is what I like about the plane.

btw: Am I the only one who finds the A-3 is a nice plane design, just judging looks? IMO even nicer than the somewhat cute looking S-3.

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