The Martian

I missed this film on release by bad luck, really wanted to see it at Cinema when it was released.

I’ve avoided watching the torrent releases and even reading the book, although I now have the audio book in my library for later.

Pre-ordered it from Amazon though and release day was today 08/02/16 (UK time format :slight_smile: and Amazon pulled through.

I do have a 3D large screen TV and it looked wonderful … I think perhaps Ridley Scott wanted to make up for Prometheous with this one because of the reception that film was perceived and that was why he delayed Prometheus 2 or whatever it will be called?

But really, this is a great movie, apparently most of the science is plausible and might work, compared to the film Gravity, this is more real science we have this time :slight_smile:

The 3D works well, the science fits with my general knowledge of this stuff and can make sense most of the time.

Most of all I found I to be a feel good film, where humanity and friends pull together to do the right thing and almost had a tear in my eye at times as I got into it…

Solid 8.5/10 from me and I’ll watch it again soon to soak up more detail and also cant wait to see the extra’s on the other disc.


Awesome movie. I haven’t read the book but I’ve heard from others that it’s even better than the movie.

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Might like The Expanse, if you liked The Martian


Yes. Awesome movie. I read the book before the movie, and while the movie does it justice, there is so much detail that got left out of the movie that makes his struggle so much more…real. i highky reccommend both.

Also fun fact: the author originally published the book for free as a serial on his website, and never intended to make any money off of it. Only after fans pushed him to make an e-book version did he put it up on Amazon, for the minimum price of $1.00. Then suddenly NYTimes bestseller and a movie deal!


Thanks Sargoth, I’ll look out for The Expanse.

The book was simply amazing. I read the whole thing in one sitting, then went back and started doodling through the math and chemistry, and sketching some of the electrical and mechanical stuff.

Randall from XKCD pretty much nailed it:

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I loved the book, and thought the film was good. It wasn’t perfect but very enjoyable. As per most big budget films films, they made everyone far better looking than I had imagined when reading.

Spoiler comment below, so avoid if you haven’t read/seen it:

I was a tiny bit irked that they did the ‘iron man’ thing at the end with the suit glove in the movie, as especially since that was called out in the book as something the Cmdr wouldn’t do and was more a sign of how desperate/improv/wild Watney was at that point. I thought that Sean Bean was a weird choice of casting too, considering this was Nasa and an astronaut liaison would be unlikely to be from the UK. Also, Purnell was an old guy in the book, which worked better.


I actually thought Sean Bean was fine in his minor role. NASA recruit world wide these days Mr Frog :smile:
My weird choice of casting was in fact Jeff Daniels … I’ll always associate him with Dumb and Dumber … No Sean Bean was absolutely fine, he’s starting to age, but fine performance.

The whole cast is multicultural and that’s just fine, we see that all the time in movies, just wish it were like that in real life and all getting along.

Original NASA recruits were from Germany and more too Mr frog,

Its very likely to be from UK For a fellow Astronaut these days!

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Well, same with the Russian Space Program. Remember that whole, “do you think their Germans are better than our Germans” bit from the beginning of The Right Stuff?

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Better Sean Bean than this Bean :relaxed: