The mistery link!- You know you want to click on this

Scientist all over the world hates this but…

I see you’ve taken up a job as buzzspike writer? :wink:

YES! …and you don’t know what happened next!

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A magical timesink!

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@sobek at least this one is manageable and HAS an ending. And an excellent one.
Few hours top.

Much better than Cookie Clicker, the one with the candies and the Clicker Heroes one…

Fool me once, shame on me, fool me twice, shame on me again…

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Somehow i saw that one coming. And a few others.

Why… why did I click… twitches


Well I gotta say, I really enjoyed that, it was silly, it was simple, thanks for posting this!

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:smiley: I loved the ending…

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Yah, the sassy, sarcastic computer was great too

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